Darryl B. Jones
Mr. Cooper Was So Helpful In Getting My Truck DOT Compliant. He Made Sure That My Tires Were Matching Up With Each Other And Sold Me Some Tires To Match!!
Keith Lawson
Great help to me
Marcus Smith
Service was great
Delui Beauchamp
Owner op thank's to Mr Cooper and staff you did a great job at my trlr labor was reasonable and time was ok. God bless you.
Crystal Frieson
Please hear me..hese people are good and are ANGELS. To even fix your mouth to say anything negative is an abomination. At first I was like what's taking so long but once I got the same quality family-service and repairs I couldn't even think of any negative thing to put in the cyberworld. They take their time. They didn't feed us bull and I was stuck with a load and had to go get my disabled child while I waited for a repairs a couple hours away. I have never had better service. Please think twice before you damage a great businesses reputation. I almost didn't use them but Someone recommended them and I am happy. It's not a companies fault when you have a breakdown. Stop expecting fast food type repairs. You get what you pay for..well actually with them you get more than you pay for!!
Will Connell
Not the prettiest shop but the mechanics or older experienced and very honest. Crete has been bringing trailers here for years they do fantastic work
Ryan Sheehy
Very efficient Very reasonable